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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  March 20, 2016 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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>> it is first day of spring. it doesn't feel like it out there. first forecast coming up. >> protesters making voices heard on both coast as republican presidential candidate don'tald trump holds rally. >> we're still on eagle watch the stekd egg started tipping it yesterday and will the eagl eaglet be born today. that's the big question. >> i'm annie yu. >> i'm tom fitzgerald. >> i'm caitlin roth. >> good morning to you all. >> hello. >> and to everyone else. let's look live outside. chilly start to the day. wasn't yesterday tough to be outside. >> i deposit go outside. >> i was but i was part smart. it was a cold rain mitching with know all afternoon. beaif
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monument as we wait for the cherry blossom trees to burst on and bloom. the festival begins today and peak bloom happens thursday. with warmer temperatures coming in we'll see them on up quickly. it's hawrd to imagine when you consider how chilly it is outside today. satellite and radar showing rain showers pushing off the coast as low pressure intensifies and moves to new england offshore now and showers in the forecast today. we're not done with the system. mainly brought rain to d.c. and accumulating snow north and west to the moup taps. cold, 40 reg national and 37 dullesen 38 bwi. let's check temperatures elsewhere. when you get to the moun taps still not at freezing. it's closer, 36 whip chester and 36 martinsburg and 36 couple better land. once you get up to the ridge to
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that's where they're getting snow. 40 washington. 37 cambridge and 37 leonard up to. chilly no matter what. future cast shows we're dry right now in thrping. by mid afternoon more shores through. we still have that chilly rain in the forecast. it's mainly rain. there's a chance this evening and pockets of snow as temperatures fall. that would mainly be west of washington i believe and but there's still chance to see flakes. nothing expected to stick and everything should move out by monday morning. here's planning forecast for today. chilly in the 40s with overcast skies. rain showers by this afternoon mixing with snow showers briefly this evening. like i said warmer temperatures ahead in the 7 day forecast. and we'll have that ahead 7:15. >> thank you caityln. changing temperatures this month is making more than usual harder predict for cherry blossom bloom this year. national park service is
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moypd a couple times already they're now predicting it the blossoms should appear sometime next week. we'll warm up and that will help the blooms meet their peak bloom. >> donald trump won't stop campaigning even though some are taking unusual steps to slow it down in arizona they rolled out bapers in the middle of the road and stopped traffi traffic. vehicles were backed up hours. they finally caught the car a.m. smoom out and everything resumed. >> protesters marchesed in the street near central park. the group then marched to trump tour fifth avenue skyscraper trump moves in they had him hoof in to control the crowds. police even used pepper spay. he'll be in the dissprikt
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monday check out progress of new j well, it 345eu be months now before we learned what caused deadly plane crash in russia. it was southern southernia's airport two hours because of windy conditions on the ground. when the pilot tried to land the mraep. it crashed. all 62 passenger where killed. we'll get the latest from fox's will car. . >> fears mixed with snowflakes in spite of harsh weather conditions examination site cop continues. and can be forwarded to identification through
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and genetic tests. and all 6 of the people on board and we have a --. >> this is first crash for budget airline that started operating since 2009. age of plane not likely to be a factor since this is new. the aircraft was 5 years old. investigators have a lot of information already. >> two flight recorders have been discovered during the site examination voice and parametric recorder and have been forwarded for deciphering. >> it was traveling to russia from dubai and all were under extreme scrutiny after a plane crashed last year. that's when the believe it was brought down by a bomb.
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>> now to prince william country police are being looking for the person that shot and killed a man in woodbridge golden leaf circle friday night where they found the injured man. he was tape to the hospital for treatment and police soon determined the shooting happened near blue gray in wood rage and officers found a man dad in that location. no word what sparked the shooting. >> support continues to come in for ashley guindon killed in the lit line the duty. cross fit woodbridge hosts aid hero workout participants completed 2 miles and intense drills to raise money for her family and two other wounded officers. >> we're here to support the community this is tragic event we want to show we support our police officers and ashley and her family and two officers injured. >> donations rk ak entered on line through police benevolence
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sound fawtion. >> a kpdle light vigil is held in memy of jacai. >> it will begin 3:13. he was shot by another officer that did not recognize him as the district station was shot at by a manned now in custody. prince george county police chief said officer colson was threatened to be a threat. >> the xhapdner chief is first sitting president in nearly 90 years to visit cuba 15 months after he announced diplomatic ties between two countries. they're helpful both sides will agree to more trade and fourism and star wood has signed a del deal to renovate. >> you go to cuba. >> i
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>> i would love to go to see it once. >> some are jumping on that opportunity. >> maybe we should go. >> amazing pix the next couple days. >> indicate lip with another look at today's weather on this surprised. >> we have a live look for you at the eagles nest camera one day after the egg hatched the second one is another to crack. we're watching in just a momen i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest...
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>> fga proved a new lab test for mosquito born viruses including keek zika.
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they can use just one test. this could help cdc seed upes upesting to detect acute zika virus up infection. they'll begin distributing to qualified labs weapon the next twom weeks. >> interesting. you probably heard this before. get out of bed and start exercising. new evidence from the mayo clinic said people who eat badly and don't skerz are aiming faster than people who eat a helmy died and work out. they put mice on a fast food diet they put on weight and fat mass tripled over a 4 month period. and once they started to exercise their health improved snav captainly. >> obviously. >> you have to tell us that? >> i feel bad for the fat mice. >> i know. >> nobody cares about the fat mice. >> they're just part of the test i know no brainier there. exercise will help you stay fixt i get it. >> it's not good weather to exercise. it's tough to be outdoors
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i wept proofly yesterday evening and it's cold like that wet cold. >> there was white stuff and wet snuff coming out at the same time. >> it was confusing we had witness stuff and white stuff further off the and west. we'll explain everything that happened the storm system which kind of came up the coast very late surprise winter type storm system not bringing us a lot of snow but temperatures cold enough in some areas you got snow in frederick county, hagerstown, maryland, further into shenandoah valley and mountains of west virginia accumulating snow for the rest of us it was cold rain and m of us mixing. hours to around the carolinas and delmarva that whips northern east esh kbz from cape cod to new england. >>
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in the midwest. we're not out of the woods with wet weather. temperatures chilly compared to yesterday, 30s and 40s. 407 washington and 40 annapolis and 36 frederick and 36 winchester we're not below freezing we could get laelly later today not going to stake. look at this cold air in place. 17 bing ham toj and 33 new york city and if i ep is it out of the way that's 26 boston. today we have no problem getting snow to stick up there and winter happening on much longer for friends in the northeast. hardy group there used to the harsh winters that don't want to end des spool the fact yes it's first day of spring he'llly. we've seat a lot of spring weather in must of march but have turned page as i bit and it's been wintery and will actually remain cold each though we dry out over the next 24 hours. showers today and as high pressure builds in ton
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shot of kaeld air allows tem plant patience we're calling it if you are ankle us is and big changes tuesday afternoon into wednesday. high pressure moves offshore and heat pump begins and ate march korj us conditions. temperatures 60s and 70s. once we get to end of week those cherry blossoms coming out full force as temperatures back into the 7 0s. good news there. high temperatures today, 43 bash ton and 42 mannasas and 42 frederick. we stay in 40s. most showers will be rain showers and few snowflakes mixing it and up fortunately like dwred a chilly, raw afternoons with we clear out tonight it does get cold. temperatures mainly right around freezing and earl
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monday morning you had lo 30s, 20s out there this is mainly cross conditions. 7 day forecast. watch how we rebound. becoming sunny and despite the cold start better chance for freezing conditions. 31. and up to 59. look at temperatures jump. 70 on wednesday. and beautiful. . >> still on eagle watch, annie. >> it's a nice day to stay up doors. >> eagle watch continues in our area as we await the hatching of second balanced eagle of first eeing let was born yesterday morning. the eagle cam has aab drakt
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that's not the only eagles next in our area. this is unbelievable. there's more in our area another getting a tension in alexandria. and you can today. >> actually you can. as it turns out. and there's another one we know and web cam and no natural spotlight and it is just as interesting and exciting as everything we watched over national cash receipt up. jim lokay has more. >> moms not moving. >> on this quiet alexandria sleep way in the trees golf the gw parkway this say view. >> breath taking i'll be in a conference call and i'll stop sometimes and wonder why i'm not talking and i'll just watch the balanced eagles fly by. >> look closely and you'll see it it's a nest and we met mr. and mrs. president at the national ash treat up this is george and marsh's home he bought the telescope
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unnash nash female is sitting on oolt eeing she hatched last year and george is flying around finding food. >> they're off the endangered list but they're history is hard to ignore. they find a way to toe exist so close to city living. >> it's so wonderful to know they're coming back the second time and built up on tist nets so i'll be able to watch this every year why i'm here. >> we can't see in the nest the behavior is consistent with those with eagle parties nlt if george and martha are preparing to welcome another eagle wet what would be his name. >> i don't know let's see who gets the nomination. . >> all right. good stuff. coming up this morning. supreme court nominee gar land is trying to sway the con serve activities to vote for him. is is it working? >> ter ross suck
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his role in the paris terror attacks. we'll be back after this find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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>> president obama trying to pressure the u.s. senate republican to hold confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee merrick garland they have a warning to the democrats and fox's garrett teny has the story. >> the white house is not taking no for fans and all week the administration has been laying
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merrick garland a confirmation hearing it will be quite a tall order. republican leadership said any nam nation from president obama is dead on the arrival and the next president should fill it republicans are advocating their constitutional duties by refuse fog give a hearing and vote. in various ways both sides using d.c. go to strategy after kusing the other one of playing politics this time with supreme court vacancy. we saw that today in weekly addresses from the white house and republican party. >> this is precisely the time we should treat appointment of supreme court justice the seriousness it deserves. our supreme court is supposed to be above mrixz not exception of politics. >> yes now is what choice do the democratic leaders make. >> well they join us in doing our job. on behalf of
7:22 am
people, or will they up stayed to further seek to def i'd our nation by turning this process into a part shan back and forming you can get used to hearing these arguments. this fight is expected to are on through the election. after that a handful of republicans hinted they could change opinions particularly if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins election. >> we ought to look at this nomination in lame duck session in november. i would rather have a let's liberal nominee like merrick garland than a nominee that hillary clinton if she were president whoa put forward. >> a small number of republicans say they're willing to meet with garland after the senate two week break but they point out that would be only as a courtsey n washington garrett ten i, fox news. >> maryland coming gress man chris van holen pickedp a big endorsement for her
7:23 am
>> she's backing her us in the race. she is critical of edwards saying distorting his record on social monthia. ep there's an on senate seat left on by retiring barbara mccloskey. >> rare meeting on capital hill day of the petraeus talked. they are investigating the 2010 terror attacks in benghazi he discussed public talking point after the u.s. con so flat libya was atabld and said toe have been questioned about the role of then deputy cia director mike burrell played inrying. >> a top suspect in the deadly paris attacks was discharged on saturday and officially charged with participation in a terrorist murder. jen gentleman min has more this morning from londo
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>> today, sally adsmislam was charged with a murder. he want todd blow himself up where his brother died and changed hid mind. this follows a day of dram oughtic scene he and four others consider captured in brussel districts. two others were charged with hiding criminals and one other one with paption in terrorist murder. dramatic foot answering showed the moment we as toyp in the apartment and bundled into a car. they will request extra diction as soon as possible and lawyer announced they will fight it rearrived in the prison 50 miles from brussels where there's special isolation cells for terrorists. it's unclear how long until he is sent back to france. they skourded the department and will search for any accomplishments hoping they may give her other information to
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also told belgium investigators during the summer he traveled around europe to pick up other attacker and bought hydrogen per oxide to make the explosive investigate. police were tipped off after he called a friend for help and that friend called the police and passed on the cell number he was using, capturing himz will be enter pole guard win. in london. den gentleman min call, fox news. >> look at some of the stories meeting headlines in the coming weeks. the visit this week of president obama and christian around the world are celebrating holy week. first official day of the season. christian holiday commerates jesus christ entry into jerusalem one week before death and resurrection. fox airs
7:26 am
musical compassion temporary retelling of christ the tlaingt hour. airing sunday night the passion stars min idol alum chris dougherty and jen carlos canela. on sunday president obama becomes first sitting president to iingt cube in a90 years and is scheduled to meet with raul castro monday to discussion reg are torrey changes u.s. is making and on tuesday they'll meet the people and earlier today tampa bay against cuban national. it's the first time a major baseball team has visited in u.s. in deck aitdz. rolling stones performed a free concert in havana and first on on air in keptry as part
7:27 am
primary isis. arizona voters cast their primary ballot tuesday. christians all over the world observed good friday. the day commerates jesus christ crucifixion and many will attend and reenact of the cross. >> sdarks democratic voteers in alaska, hawaii and washington are talk using, that's a look at the week ahead. i'm jackie ibanez. >> coming up, caityln will be bang with eye look to today's weather and week ahead. stay with us. "fox 5 news" this morning on this sunday we'll be right bac back. time 7:27.
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>> happening right now live look at the eagle cam and friday morning many of you got a chance to watch eaglet hatch. >> the eaglet he merged friday morning and arboretum staffers tell us the first eaglet is here and second eaglet is likely to hatch this weekend. stick with us. any moment any moment we could see this eaglet hatch. >> that would be great to watch live on the air. >> the hole is getting big erin bigger. >> a few fact. >> i've learned a bit about them. >> apparently mom first lady
7:31 am
knuckles to prevent her tall o ones from arming eaglet. >> because they're small and gentle. >> she's large the nest is 7 feet tall and five reed reed and that's large towel though the doctor said it's large are than that. they keep adding to it. >> you're not shok joking. you know eagles. >> you covered the eaglet. how do we project when me hatc hatch. >> once they start the piping process it takes 12 to 4 hours to fully eye merge you see them fighting through and mom and dad cannot help them. nature take over and the baby had to crack out by him orsel orselfself. >> your knowledge is amazing of this. >> because i had to go out there. but it is nature at its best is it not being able to watch that that and have kids see it. >> but it's about nhi
7:32 am
this. >> educational. >> in and it's not adds good as the weather we've been experiencing this weekend. it was cold and wet outside yesterday evening it was a tough saturday night to be out. no doubt. showers look like exiting off the east coast and we have another batch toward the west that moves in later today. so, south an east of us along the delmarva virginia peach, places lick sit of a great in washington. no more rain and snow showers this is upper level trough that come through. it will pb powerful storm system for passing like boston and let later today. we have together iny little rain showers in the forecast today it's not heavy
7:33 am
please pept. temperatures at the airport, 47 reagan and there tsh yes above freezing but airily would. 0 here annapolis and 36 game urzberg and frederick and 36 win wester we fwot picked out of haag rz up to, couple better land it's a coating we would love to see what you're seeing outside each yet is one of those days everybody was seeing something different. fox future cast today cloudy unit was pretty brief snow shower. notice this evening 11:00 purple out there that's snow showers pain off east. but probably better chance in higher elevations of mountains interest
7:34 am
everything wind down and by early monday morning cloud to start and gives way to sunshine quick roi. here's the forecast today. again you might want to be inside for this one. it's tough with the cherry blossom festival. you want to head to tidal basi basin. reign and i snow shower 4 for high temperature. better for the rest of the week coming monday, 39 tuesdays we tuesday. >> that's a look at the 7 day forecast. annie. >> looking good. thanks, indicate lip, friday cherry blossoms kicked off and this week they're set to mrom and millions are coming to d.c. to enjoy them. >> fantastic. join is us now is dyapa he's the president of the national cherry blossom festival which kicked off on friday and she's here with us now. she let out a big smile when
7:35 am
she just saw 70. >> it's missed cherry block onlys. you look spring and investigative and every year we have official ten that the created have the inspiration of traditional artwork. it's awe unique. >> this year everybody talks about when the bloom is going to be and mob wants to see them go into full bloom before festival. how do you feel about the timing. >> it's great. we know four weeks, spring time festival. blossoms will join at some point. there we with station is down the line thursday, friday, and saturday they're beautiful down there and probably last all the way past easter depending on weather. >> it's so treat
7:36 am
the west bay to get there. duber shs get dropped off. metro, marking, a lot of questions. >> we recommend that people go public transportation. try to take metro fist. if you have to drive, we also are partnered with park mobile so you can actually park and reserve ahead of time. >> that's awesome. >> that's another way to get done there. circulator go around the title pace up for an hour and look at the okayed to go and it started simply yeevrz and years ago and gift of plan you have ever stepped back and wonder how they're adopted what's the fascination of people when they come down here. >> it's apiesing when i think about the 30,000
7:37 am
you can always start knew. >> and you know you mentioned 3,000 trees i understand a lot of original trees are still there and that's because national park service has done a remarkable job of caring for them but the public needs to do their part and remember not to touch those tree. >> right. >> if you do go oun there you can enjoy them. police and and up fortunate le and no, no. what did you tell them b with the foley age and dos and don' don't. >> park service is down there toe are remind you you can take pictures and enjoy them. there's lots of memories for years to comp just don't pick them don't have your children climb in the trees. we do invite you to come down toet investigate
7:38 am
finale app 16 and 17. >> what are other things. >> this year indicate is you come down february april throughout the decades and there's nothing new and quiteing all of our men's year years. prevented by -- will present jersey boys. they will be performing. >> i love that. >> you may still have the app people can check out event through the app. >> you can go to our web site mobile and reach it as vosh voshlization there it's questions. toy to fwet the national cherry months onlys investigate you'll see 100. >> will you wear pink for the next month. >> absolutely that's my color. >> thank you so much, diana a. >> thank you, annie, a local girl.
7:39 am
. >> you might want to think twice ow hev life.
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when you build one of the biggest retail businesses in america, you spend a lot of time working closely with elected officials. from secretaries to presidents you learn what works in government and what doesn't. and if you're david trone you take those lessons all the way to congress. you pledge to take nothing from pacs or corporations because the only special interest a congressman should have is you and he'll promise to work with anyone if it'll get things done. after all he's spent 30 years working both sides of the aisle. i'm david trone and i approve this message. >> i
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sometimes. there's this one little girl we watch she's a sixth grader in our area frankly facing the fight of her life and hoping her story can inspire others to think about how they live their lives. "fox5" matt aklin went to laurel elementary school until fairfax. >> if you could write them down and clip them to a bicet what would be goals, dreams to ab accomplish before life is over. they made a movie about it. traveling the world even skydiving. checking off your bucket list when you're older. but stayedy marata is here to tell you don't wait. >> people think they they should wait for the right time which may never come. >> said dwri and her friend
7:43 am
mack ep sdi brown that came up with the idea passed out 30 metal buckets to saidy's classmates. >> they're going to write what goals they want to accomplish. >> the classroom assignment? >> come one a bucket list right now. >> to get good grades. >> play in nfl. >> being better at lacrosse. >> go to bahama. >> why now? katie has a form of aggressive cancer. next week she'll travel to philadelphia for a six-week proton treatment. >> it is pretty hard to know you're not able to do some things i like to look at the brighter side of things. >> saidy knows her health is not good but she's optimistic and don't think she's given up. she filled out the slips like her classmates. >> i'm writeing a book right now. i want to finish that
7:44 am
and some day in the future and long jumping i really want to become a doctor yeah. maybe an oncologist. >> and at just 11 saidy has wisdom most of us can only hope to v especially when it comes to living for the moment. >> i say life is something were you gifted and you are supposed to use that gift wisely. use it right now because you never know what tomorrow can bring. >> in fair favrm county, matt ackland, "fox5 local news". >> they is incredible. she was incredible. >> all the things we worry about as we go through lives the little day-to-day things you see a young lady like that with wisdom beyond her years. >> i admire her fight
7:45 am
we're thinking of you saiby. >> do you give yourself extra time before you hit the road. >> i never give myself extra time on the road. a new study about traffic in the distance may not come as a company surprise. >> weather, chilly wet day yesterday. showers moving out. there are more in the forecast. i'll have that for you plus a look at warmer weather in the week ahead. that's all coming up "fox 5 news morning" returns.
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welcome back, 7:47, caityln is back with us. >> good morning. >> happy first day of spring. >> finally. timely. >> you know it was not that bad of a winter. >> that's what i've been saying. >> so we have a little taste of it the last days. >> we're accepteding it off in style. >> i actually agree. we had our big storms, yes, it was huge. that was really it. >> yeah. >> if you think about it we were spoiled along the way with mild temps and ups and downs and it ♪on the first day of spring. >> last year. >> yes. >> we had a little yesterday in our area. snow shower later today live view she my know trees trying to bloomer cherry blossoms at the national mall and it's happening. you know, it's stuff with weather when it changes quickly like that. that's why national park service changed d
7:49 am
they predict peak bloom. now predicted to be thursday. i think it will be as you see temperatures turn around this week. showing the last of the showers moving offshore from they gave us norm west rain and we to the aes with ofper he we have rain and get each know shower in the for cost today you be who but it was cold with chilly rain that acaped it. temperatures 40 washington yes chilly. 30s above freezing and 36 frederick and 39 squapt coand 39 leopard up to and when it's raining and koudy out there and temperatures only around 40 feels colder. it's much colder off north. look at these temps 17 binghamton and
7:50 am
they'll get decent amount of snow from this system. 33 new york city. chilly, raw day across the area. fox future cast showing we pretty dry now. showers roll back in later this afternoon. rain showers prob be a lest of the area. although a little snow could get mixed in as we head to later tonight. if you're up late sunday night don't be surprised to see know. not much accumulation but dt . . ... >> we will be cold enough overnight to support that. we could see it tonight. then, as we head into the workweek we're looking at cold couple mornings. high pressure builds in and we dry out. temperatures sink to the 30s tonight and tomorrow might. and so frost freeze is likely especially tuesday morning -- planting patients we're calling it it. temperatures today, had were
7:51 am
we fall into the 30s and we could have nice dusting of showers roll through. 33 in washington for the overnight low. becoming 50 as temperatures roll back up. 70 beps and 74 thursday. beautiful midweek weather. chance of showers friday and we'll turn cooler late week. let's go back to tom and annie. on the couch. >> he'sty writing his own memoir. >> pipe icon book released this year and prince will take readers on a poetic journey through his life and creative work and story about music and family and 57-year-old artist that is considered one of the most successful musical acts of all time. >> you know what. we don't know a lot about prince. he's been on the scene for 30, 35 years now. hardly ever does interviews. doesn't reallya
7:52 am
>> whatever is in that book will be a ref lawtion to a lot of folks. >> they say one of things included in this book would be some people that knocked his and things like that. sore his imagination. you know he's got a miing minimumtation. how did that work for them. prince. >> do you feel leaky spend a lot of time sitting in your car. you're not imagining things. area commuters spend on average 75 hours per hour stuck in traffic. that's ridiculous second worst behind la, 81 hours. nationwide commuters spend a total of more than 8 billion stuck in traffic. >> that sounds like coming down 270 to 8 mill billion hours of al
7:53 am
cars. >> it's amazing. >> holy safer joins instra dwram. >> whose it is coming up next stay with us life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon. life's sharing a meal.
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and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> all right. in case you have not heard pope francis joined instagram. he already posted his first pick. his first post racked up more than 07,000 likes
7:56 am
comments in first four hours after posting it and he has more than 4000,000 followers his instagram is francis. >> mean while ohio boy born with his wish he fwot to play hockey with the pros. fox's melissa reed tells us what is t is all about. >> ship guard, check, elbow pads, steady. . >> hockey puck up and number one ready. >> number one. >> 3' 2" tall and weighing 38 pounlts pound the lake eary monster's newest player could not wait to take the ice. >> i like to go on the mow haw hawk. >> robert gibson wish was to become a hockey player for a day.
7:57 am
it came through. as he skated through the tunnel and on to enter ice for player introductions. >> i don't think i have words to explain that feeling. it was amazing. it's been so fraet. i am just like i was teary eyed the whole time it was awesome. >> he even got to drop the puck before the mop sisters took on manatova yes did it all time when she was going to school. >> robert got to play with monsters thanks to a special wish foundation based here in cleveland. she was born with kidney disease and had to undergo 14 surgeries. earlier in the day robert got to the practice with the players and each signed a on one-day contract with the team.
7:58 am
no doubt robert is one of the tough elingt players on the monsters rolingter friday night air. little guy with a lot of courage with a passion for life laughter and the ice. >> once in a life time experience for all of us i think. so that was great. . >> if you still recognize the team that's cleveland. people really surprise poured that young man. >> not at all not notal all. >> that does it for us at 7.
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>> hi, good morning and welcome back to "fox5 news morning". >> i'm tom fitzgerald. >> i'm caitlin roth. >> good morning to you all. >> hello, everybody. >> happy first day of spring. >> finally. >> finally, finally. >> although we don't have any past tells on what roping with us. >> it feels not warm outside and i'm dressing for the weather. >> if you take a look at sunda sunday, marx 20. national monument looks like such a nice morning but it's cold. rain and snow from last night has moved out. we need that
8:02 am
out. with he have another day of it and hopefully we'll see cherry blossom trees burst through and start blooming as the peak bloom is expected to be this thursday. we'll have team tires to go lightning that way the way. fist the last of showers they're still sealing ray and rain ape there's rain and snow showers west swinging through this afternoon. not totally dry yet. we'll have to wait until tomorrow. chilly out there. 40 reg app national and 38 dulles and 3 bwi. temperatures colder than where they were at yet. so with the showers coming through later today maybe a diter answer that we see know notion out by frederick country they awe saw a good coating from the snow showers. fruit aarr cast shows more
8:03 am
dry until 3, 4:00 and get late to tonight and temperatures fall as this storm exits there could be some snow showers for just about everyone and it moves out monday morning. >> here's planning forecast for. unfortunately not very spring leak. dloudy and chilly. high temperatures in 40s with rain showers this evening. and they maix with snowflakes especially and good news in the 7 day forecast coming 8:15 tom. >> thank you thech. i making it tough to predict when that's actually are going to bloom. nass at service at this point they're producing bottoms should aand we should be able to see that peak bloom soti
8:04 am
in spring. >> mean time doneald trump won't stop his campaigning even though those are taking trips to slow it down. they rolled out baners in middle of the road fact from. couplep let's campaigning again sixen and to new york city now where protesters fathered. >> racist, sex us and high gay. they marched to trump tower the fifth avenue skyscraper he lived and police had to move in to control the crowds and protesters say police used pepper spray. by the way trump be here in washington on monday checking out the new hotel. it's being pren vaited into a trump hotelel. >>ty may be jerry douglass before we killed a
8:05 am
than airport for two our last night because of kindy companies on the ground. when the pilot family tried to land it scashd. all 62 passengers and crew were killed. get the latest now. . >> tears mixed with snowflakes. a jet liner crashs in southern rishia the mraep carrying 62 people, rough warm may be have contributing factor. >> in spite of harsh weather conditions examination of the accident site continues. during this remains ofeddys are being taken to fold or genetic test. if no new if nerve. >> all six total period of time on poort
8:06 am
-- it started operating in 2009 aim of plane not likely to be a factor this is relatively knew this one was only five years old. and investigators already have a lot of information. >> two flight recorders have about discovered during the site examination. a voice reporter and parametric recorder they have been forwarded to association from and there was a plane crash in the cyanide penis ra fog iing. >> well now to prince william county where police are looking for the person that shot and killed a man in wood brim and wound aid second map officers were called to a home golden leaf circle friday night where they found the injured man.
8:07 am
steement. police soon determined the treating happened blue gray circle in witch still no word on what sparked mooting. >> surprise pour yesterday cross fit would bridge hosted hero work out and han two miles and then. >> we're here to support the community. it's a tramingic event. we want to show we support the police officers in the area of prince well july and ashley and her family and other two officers injured. >> donations are being accepted online through the police ben avenue lang foundation. . >> happening today, capped light vimingit will be held for fallen police officer jack eye ko
8:08 am
landover he was sighed after shot by another that recognized aim help viewed himz as arm thread. >> i. >> the trip comes 15 months after he announced restoration of diplomatic ties between the two countries and white house rovl hopeful both will agreed to more tourism. they had signed a license to rep vait. three different hotels. >>ould say there will be a least of hole tell convenient ration over the next couple years. >> yes. kind of exciting. >> coming up supreme court nominee merrick garland is trying to sway the con serve activities to vote for him. if the question's
8:09 am
>> fox 5 news morning will be right back after
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> welcome back time 8:11 top suspect in last year deadly paris attack was discharged from brussels saturday and officially charged with participation in a terrorist murder. here's more. >> today
8:12 am
take of dramaic scaep. >> one other with participation in terrorist murder. dramatic footage showed moment he was type and put into a car. they will request extra diction and the lawyer announced he'll fight it. he arrived in prison 50 nrilz brussels where there's special isolation cells for terrorist. last night forensic teams scour the apartment and will be seshleching for kakmentss or other hop he can few. 6 during
8:13 am
the police were tipped off after sally called a friend for help and that friend called the police and passed on the cen number he was using. capturing will be his up. >> although it was rare capital meeting it was former ci: director handed with past the 20 is terror attack physical toling afak of u.s. consolate. he was also questioned by deputy director mike morel and what role he played. >> president obama is trying to pressure senate republicans this morning to hold
8:14 am
nominee for the u.s. supreme court merrick garland. and republicans are countering now with warning of their own to democrat. garrett kenny has the story . >> the height house is not staying to nor athe next president should fill the opening on supreme court and they say republicans are advocating their duty to refuse to given garland and a vote. both sides using d.c. go to strategy of accusing the other one of plague pollics. with a seem course. >> both the white house and republican party. >> we should troment
8:15 am
apaymentment our stream court is suppose toedp fox they're not above politics. the question now is what choice will democratic leaders and president make. >> they join us onen ha ha of the american pep or will they instead seek to further divide the nation by turping supreme court pros toss blatantly part sap back and forth. >> you can get used to hearing these kinds of arguments because this fight is expected to carry on through the election. after that, though, a handful of republicans have hinted they could change their it opinion. particularly if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins eat sglek we taught to look this the -- i would rather have less liberal nominee like merrick garland thachb a nominee that hillary clinton if she were president would put forward. >> a small number of republicans are will to meet with garland after the two week break but
8:16 am
quickly that would be almost -- almost as a currency s bob barnard, fox news. >> pass it plating debate. we had a lot november streev. >> i'm sure you will discuss this coming up. >> lutely we will. >> kleept we'll be right back. kalamazoo
8:17 am
8:19 am
welcome back everyone, 8:18 a.m., sunday morning happy first day of spring. i know it does not feel like it but it will in a couple days. first, though, chilly, chilly rain yesterday it was tough to be outside. we're seeing last of rain showers move up the carolina coast. virginia, virginia beach and you will see rain there this is going out sea and we have areased behind me western pa. prob beably mid afternoon you may neat umbrella's game. rain mixing with snow for you'll of us. temperatures a little keel colder than yesterday. 40 washington right now. 38 baltimore and 36 gaithersburg and 36 frederick we had accumulating snow yesterday north and west. probably gone by now. not in the mountains where they've had several inches of snow. temperatures outside very cold off towards north. look 18
8:20 am
york and 29 boston and they will not have the trouble getting that snow to stick there. and as this system moves out rain and snow showers in the forecast later tonight and high pressure are a freeze is possible tuesday morning where we're all below the 32 mark. following that we warm up quickly. once high pressure moves offshore a little bit we'll see 60s and 70 rz return it will be rk probably ben. >> 4. chilly, raw afternoon yet again dry now and rain showers mix with a snov. a 7 day forecast shows that improvements. monday and tuesday. back into the 50s. tuesday, 70s midweek and then we'll cool down with showers as we head to the weekend. >> annie
8:21 am
. >> all right. just a good day to stayed in and watch these eagles. right? the watch continues this weekend as we await the hatc hatching of second balanced eagle and cracks in second egg were spotted yesterday morning. >> the first eaglet was born friday morning and hch -- the eagle trauma tracted millions of viewers and why, why not, let me look at that. >> that was first eagle looking at great if you ball. >> well, we have more coming up today. first offer we'll check in with fox's chris wallace coming up fox news 7 and veronica clearl clearly. >> that does it for me. stick around. "fox 5 news" on the hill coming up after this we'll be right back i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest...
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is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. >> good morning, chris, thanks for being with us. >> good morning to you. >> i know you'll speak with mitch mcconnell than whole debate about filling this supreme court position how do you feel the american people are responding to that. is this adding more to
8:25 am
-- divided look at the country. >> i i us is pkt it ws some of the remember senators are feeling heat from this hard line. you have a half dozen of them that said they will bheet merrick garland and mark curic a republican senator from illinois in a tough election patle this november. he has now opinion first toe break ranks and say let's man up and vote. we'll talk to white house chief of staff dennis mcdunna and one of the request i have for mcconnell are there cracks in your hard line there that no confirmation no vote nothing well. >> you think he's the kind of person to respond. >> well, in a direct sense, no. because of
8:26 am
got elected two years ago. he doesn't haven't to worry about rebement and the majority would like too stay majority leader an a ofsh. >> if they come to him and say this is killing us and they may not. i promise you the majority leader does not want to become the minority leader. >> you'll speak with governor okay sake and his cam pain at the pepdz on me to have a probinger position i notice though something note will to good there. iing napping ur, do you think you can finally start addressing that and admit what he needs to whip this race? >> yeah i will talk to him about that and directly.
8:27 am
broker. broker convention applies that you have power brokers and smoke-filled rooms and that doesn't exist anymore. but contested convention means it goes to the floor. you have 2400 delegate there and if they have not reached majority for trump, cruise, or anything else they act as their own political body and try to arrive and as somebody who can garner a majority the votes. s in the only way kasich can win. at this point if he got 100 of all that is left well 100 % every delay between now and june 7 the last primary of 1 12:30 is to hope convenience all their. >> thank you search, list this, thax. >> coming up join me opt hill
8:28 am
alongside tom fitzgerald and bob cue sack presidential we'll wrap up the big political stories of the week. stay with us
8:29 am
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